Handling Claims Against the Estate in Maryland.

Handling Claims Against the Estate in Maryland

There are many things to consider when acting as a personal representative or executor of a deceased’s estate in Maryland. While you will naturally want the deceased’s closest friends, family, and beneficiaries to receive as much of the estate as… Read More
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Judge signing paperwork with justice hummer on table, appointment of special administrator during probate process concept.

Appointment of a Special Administrator in Maryland Probate

During the Maryland probate process, a court might appoint a special administrator to identify and protect the decedent’s property, as well as locate heirs pending the appointment of a personal representative. The special administrator is tasked wi… Read More
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Probate process - inventory of assets

The Maryland Probate Process

Probate is the legal process established by Maryland statute for settlement of a decedent’s estate. While some estates do not go through probate, the law requires many estates to complete the procedure. The probate process begins with filing a peti… Read More
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Caregiver, carer hand holding elder hand. Helping a disabled adult concept.

Temporary Guardianship Orders in Maryland 

Complex state statutes govern court appointment of guardians for disabled or incapacitated adults in the State of Maryland. In most situations, a proceeding for appointment of a guardian of the person or guardian of the property follows a specified c… Read More
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DIY estate planning concept

The Dangers of DIY Estate Planning

Every document in an estate plan is a critical part of protecting your family, yourself, and your assets, both during your life and after your death. Just as you would never consider performing surgery on yourself or a loved one, you should never tak… Read More
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Medicaid Estate Recovery Concept

Can I Prevent Medicaid Estate Recovery?

The Medicaid estate recovery program is a federally mandated process through which Medicaid gets reimbursement for long-term care benefits (including nursing home costs) from the benefit recipient’s estate after their death, often by forcing sale o… Read More
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Copy of a Will - Maryland Probate

Can a Copy of a Will Be Admitted to Probate?

To open probate of an estate in Maryland, the original of the deceased person’s last will and testament must be provided to the register of wills. If the original of the will is lost or destroyed, a copy of a will may be admitted to probate if spec… Read More
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Assisted living concept

Financial Eligibility For Medicaid Long-Term Care in Maryland

The Maryland program called Medical Assistance provides financial support for long-term and nursing home care for seniors over age 65. In order to financially qualify for Medicaid, applicants must meet both income and asset requirements. In many case… Read More
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Senior couple signing a will while having a meeting with attorney in the office.

What To Include in a Maryland Will

A Last Will and Testament is an essential part of most estate plans. This legal document can accomplish many goals for your estate. A complete estate plan includes other important documents as well. Understanding what to include in a Maryland Will is… Read More
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Caretaker holding older mans hand, reassurance of safety, vulnerable adult concept.

How to Protect a Vulnerable Adult or Elder from Abuse

Abuse risks are higher than ever for elders and other vulnerable adults. The increased isolation resulting from the pandemic worsens these prevalent risks considerably. If you are a senior or you have a loved one who is a vulnerable adult or elder, t… Read More
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