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Financial Eligibility For Medicaid Long-Term Care in Maryland

The Maryland program called Medical Assistance provides financial support for long-term and nursing home care for seniors over age 65. In order to financially qualify for Medicaid, applicants must meet both income and asset requirements. In many case… Read More
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What To Include in a Maryland Will

A Last Will and Testament is an essential part of most estate plans. This legal document can accomplish many goals for your estate. A complete estate plan includes other important documents as well. Understanding what to include in a Maryland Will is… Read More
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The Importance of Appointing a Personal Representative

As a general rule, if your estate includes any solely-owned property, it likely will need to go through a specific estate administration process under state law. The personal representative of your estate is the person appointed by the court to handl… Read More
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How to Protect a Vulnerable Adult or Elder from Abuse

Abuse risks are higher than ever for elders and other vulnerable adults. The increased isolation resulting from the pandemic worsens these prevalent risks considerably. If you are a senior or you have a loved one who is a vulnerable adult or elder, t… Read More
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Contesting a Will in Maryland

In Maryland, there are only a handful of reasons to contest a will, and courts are strongly inclined to follow the expressed wishes of the person who made it (also known as the testator). If you believe however that a will is false, forged, or outdat… Read More
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Filing for an Adult Guardianship in Maryland

Filing for an adult guardianship in Maryland is a difficult decision for many families. It is not uncommon for caring relatives to put off such a question until it is already painfully obvious that something has to be done. A conversation with a Mary… Read More
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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Re…

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Reinforces the Need for Advance Health Care Directives & Durable Financial Powers of Attorney

One of the risks posed by the coronavirus (Covid-19) is the potential incapacity (even if only temporary) of anyone infected by the virus. Elders and individuals with serious underlying health conditions are especially in peril. This real-life risk r… Read More
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Should Your Maryland Esta…

Should Your Maryland Estate Plan Include a Trust?

Trusts are a very important tool in estate planning. They often are the best way to address an individual’s needs and wishes. Do you wonder if your estate plan should include one? While most people understand generally what a Last Will and Testamen… Read More
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Does Every Maryland Estat…

Does Every Maryland Estate Go Through Probate?

In discussions about estate planning and estate administration, a basic question that many people ask is whether every Maryland estate must go through probate. Answering the question provides the opportunity to explain two commonly-used terms that of… Read More
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What Is Medical Assistanc…

What Is Medical Assistance / Medicaid Planning for Maryland Elders?

Medicaid is a state and federal program that may help an elder with the high cost of long-term nursing home or assisted living care. In Maryland, the program goes by the name Medical Assistance — the two program titles are used interchangeably. An… Read More
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