Testimonials for the Law Office of Henry Nash

We hired Henry Nash to draft our Wills and other legal documents, and to advise us about estate planning for long-term care. Mr. Nash is very knowledgeable about these issues. He fully answered all of our questions and provided us with a lot of helpful information. We are very satisfied with Mr. Nash’s legal services.

– Stephen and Barbara J., elder law / disability law and estate planning clients, Rockville, Maryland

I hired Henry Nash to establish a trust for the benefit of my disabled brother.

In order to help my brother I first had to obtain a court order authorizing me to act. Mr. Nash drafted the appropriate petition and all related court papers. At the hearing Mr. Nash was calm, articulate, and persuasive. Upon the conclusion of our hearing the judge granted my petition. Today my brother’s funds are in fact set aside in trust for his benefit.

I am truly grateful to Mr. Nash for his help.

– Cynthia H., elder law / disability law and estates & trusts law client, Rockville, Maryland

Some years back Henry Nash was the attorney for my mother’s estate – a contested matter which was litigated. Mr. Nash is knowledgeable and effective in court. We settled my mother’s estate on terms which were very favorable to me.

Now I am an elderly disabled veteran. Mr. Nash has drafted my Will and other legal papers. He helps me with government benefits and insurance issues so that I can live safely in my own home. Mr. Nash also helps me with my estate plan in the event that I require long-term nursing home care.

Henry Nash has been my lawyer for 14 years. In my opinion Mr. Nash is an honest, dedicated, highly professional attorney who gets results.

– Robert C., elder law / disability law and estates & trusts law client, Olney, Maryland