Montgomery County MD Probate Law / Estate Administration

Probate is the legal proceeding by which one settles a decedent’s estate.

In most cases Maryland probate is highly structured and Court-supervised.

The personal representative is bonded (insured).

Maryland Probate Process

  • At the start of probate the Register Of Wills notifies all interested persons that an estate has been opened, and advises them of their legal rights.
  • Any person having an objection to the probate of the decedent’s Will has 6 months within which to file his or her objection with the Court.
  • The personal representative must file:
    • an inventory, of all estate assets; and
    • an account, which details what happened to estate funds during the course of probate.

The Register audits the inventory and account. And each interested person may obtain copies of these papers, and by law has a period of time in which to file exceptions.

Maryland probate is designed to provide interested persons with important legal protections and more security than might otherwise be available to them in non-supervised proceedings.

Rockville probate attorney Henry Nash practices probate law in Montgomery County, Maryland and elsewhere in the state. If you have any questions or concerns about your Will and/or the administration of a decedent’s estate, and want to discuss with an experienced estates and trusts attorney, please feel free to contact us.

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