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Appointment of a Special Administrator in Maryland Probate

During the Maryland probate process, a court might appoint a special administrator to identify and protect the decedent’s property, as well as locate heirs pending the appointment of a personal representative. The special administrator is tasked wi… Read More
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Probate process - inventory of assets

The Maryland Probate Process

Probate is the legal process established by Maryland statute for settlement of a decedent’s estate. While some estates do not go through probate, the law requires many estates to complete the procedure. The probate process begins with filing a peti… Read More
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Copy of a Will - Maryland Probate

Can a Copy of a Will Be Admitted to Probate?

To open probate of an estate in Maryland, the original of the deceased person’s last will and testament must be provided to the register of wills. If the original of the will is lost or destroyed, a copy of a will may be admitted to probate if spec… Read More
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The Importance of Appointing a Personal Representative

As a general rule, if your estate includes any solely-owned property, it likely will need to go through a specific estate administration process under state law. The personal representative of your estate is the person appointed by the court to handl… Read More
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Contesting a Will in Maryland

In Maryland, there are only a handful of reasons to contest a will, and courts are strongly inclined to follow the expressed wishes of the person who made it (also known as the testator). If you believe however that a will is false, forged, or outdat… Read More
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Does Every Maryland Estat…

Does Every Maryland Estate Go Through Probate?

In discussions about estate planning and estate administration, a basic question that many people ask is whether every Maryland estate must go through probate. Answering the question provides the opportunity to explain two commonly-used terms that of… Read More
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Probate and Estate Administration in Montgomery County, Maryland

Maryland law requires that administration of a deceased person’s estate occur in the county where the deceased person maintained his or her legal residence. This article provides an overview of the complex laws that apply to probate and estate admi… Read More
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