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Temporary Guardianship Orders in Maryland 

Complex state statutes govern court appointment of guardians for disabled or incapacitated adults in the State of Maryland. In most situations, a proceeding for appointment of a guardian of the person or guardian of the property follows a specified c… Read More
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How to Protect a Vulnerable Adult or Elder from Abuse

Abuse risks are higher than ever for elders and other vulnerable adults. The increased isolation resulting from the pandemic worsens these prevalent risks considerably. If you are a senior or you have a loved one who is a vulnerable adult or elder, t… Read More
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Filing for an Adult Guardianship in Maryland

Filing for an adult guardianship in Maryland is a difficult decision for many families. It is not uncommon for caring relatives to put off such a question until it is already painfully obvious that something has to be done. A conversation with a Mary… Read More
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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Re…

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Reinforces the Need for Advance Health Care Directives & Durable Financial Powers of Attorney

One of the risks posed by the coronavirus (Covid-19) is the potential incapacity (even if only temporary) of anyone infected by the virus. Elders and individuals with serious underlying health conditions are especially in peril. This real-life risk r… Read More
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Elder Law: Comprehensive Legal Services For You or Your Aging Loved Ones

Our clients at The Law Office of Henry Nash — most of whom reside in Rockville or elsewhere in Montgomery County, Maryland — often ask us exactly what types of matters “elder law” includes. As a relatively new area of legal practice, this exp… Read More
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Legal Guardianship for Disabled Adults

Under Maryland law the court shall appoint a guardian of the person if the court determines, from clear and convincing evidence, that an individual lacks sufficient understanding or capacity to make or communicate responsible decisions concerning his… Read More
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