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Financial Eligibility For Medicaid Long-Term Care in Maryland

The Maryland program called Medical Assistance provides financial support for long-term and nursing home care for seniors over age 65. In order to financially qualify for Medicaid, applicants must meet both income and asset requirements. In many case… Read More
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What Is Medical Assistanc…

What Is Medical Assistance / Medicaid Planning for Maryland Elders?

Medicaid is a state and federal program that may help an elder with the high cost of long-term nursing home or assisted living care. In Maryland, the program goes by the name Medical Assistance — the two program titles are used interchangeably. An… Read More
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What Is the Role of a Spe…

What Is the Role of a Special Needs Trust or Supplemental Needs Trust in Maryland Medicaid Planning?

When an elder requires long-term care, Medicaid may provide financial benefits to help pay the high cost. In some cases, it is necessary to use special strategies and tools to be eligible for Medicaid benefits and preserve assets to the maximum exten… Read More
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Elder Law: Comprehensive Legal Services For You or Your Aging Loved Ones

Our clients at The Law Office of Henry Nash — most of whom reside in Rockville or elsewhere in Montgomery County, Maryland — often ask us exactly what types of matters “elder law” includes. As a relatively new area of legal practice, this exp… Read More
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Medical Assistance (Medicaid) is the government health insurance program that helps pay for long-term nursing home care. Medicaid is means tested: the government looks at both the nursing home resident’s, and, if applicable, the nursing home reside… Read More
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Special Needs Trusts for the Benefit of Disabled Persons

In Montgomery County, Maryland the average cost of nursing home care is about $11,000 per month. Medical Assistance (Medicaid) is the government health insurance program that helps pay that cost. Medicaid accounts for about half of all nursing home r… Read More
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